Rules and Regulations


If you are looking for a party place, you are in the wrong spot. Our clients are seeking a peaceful atmosphere. All excessive noise is forbidden at all times. Curfew is from 10pm to 7 am.

Maximum occupancy

5 person max per site (all ages are included in this count). We allow a maximum of 4 adults per site. The only exceptions will be granted in a case of 2 adults and their children (no additional adults can be included). Price listed includes 2 adults and their children, and one car.

One RV per site. The RV you arrive with must have the same specifications that you provided at the time of reservation. We will check.

An additional car could be allowed on some sites (not all) but an extra fee is charged.

Cancellation and change policy

Reservation and modification fees are never refundable.

7 days or more before your stay:
$15 fee for cancellations.
$5 fee for modifications. Note that stays booked before March 15 are subject to a minimal stay and cannot be reduced.

6 days or less before your stay:
No change reducing length of stay will be allowed.
One night reservations become non-refundable.
Reservations for 2 nights or more: 50% of amount of stay will be refunded.

The day of arrival

You must check-in between 12pm (noon) and 8pm. We cancel reservations after 8pm. It is imperative that your itinerary is made to fit this schedule. This is for your own safety and a gesture of respect for your fellow campers.

We strongly advise against long drives (the road will be a lot longer and curvier that you envision) or to book ferries (very unpredictable schedules) that day.

At your arrival, the number of people and the length of equipment must match the information you provided while reserving. We reserve the right to cancel any stays booked with inaccurate information.

During your stay

Curfew is from 10 pm to 7 am. Children must remain under adult supervision at all times. After sundown, playground is closed and biking through the campground is not allowed.

Animals are accepted (2 max per site) on leash at all times outside the RV. We require that there isn’t any excessive barking or any aggressive behaviours and owners must promptly stoop and scoop.

The morning of your departure, you must vacate the site before 11am and no trash must remain (that includes the firepit).

Visitors must leave before 9:30 pm and their cars must remain at reception at all times.

Washing any vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycle) is strictly forbidden. No exceptions.

Electric scooters, children battery-operated ATVs, generators, fireworks are not allowed.

We do not offer refunds for early departures.

Campfire are allowed in the firepits only (unless there is a fireban called by SOPFEU) and you must burn wood sold for that purpose. No harvesting of wood/branches/bark in the forest or on the shore will be permitted. We do not require that wood is bought from us but it must come from a local source (to prevent spread of destructive insects). Do not transport wood from one region to another.

Please play a positive part in keeping our ecosystems healthy by sorting your trash, recyclables and compost and disposing of them in the appropriate location.

We reserve the right to evict anyone who lacks respect towards fellow campers or our employees.

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