Things to Visit in the Area

Guide of Cultural and Historical Attractions

Here is a list of attractions you may find within 40 km of Camping Griffon. Please note that many of these would be good options in case of a rainy day as they are interior exhibits.

Manoir LeBoutillier vu du centre culturel de l'Anse-au-Griffon
Manoir Le Boutillier seen from the Cultural centre in l’Anse-au-Griffon.

Centre culturel de l’Anse-au-Griffon

For most, this Cultural centre is the home of a small café, a nice souvenir/local craft shop, exhibits and a meeting hall. For us, citizens of L’Anse-au-Griffon, the centre is proof that if people stick together, great things can happen, like the preservation of built heritage.

Time required for a visit : 30 minutes
Distance from Camping Griffon: 4 minutes (4 km)

Manoir Le Boutillier and la Maison des Lilas

Located side-by-side, these two sites are respectively highlighting the history of local fishing companies and heirloom agriculture. The Manoir also has a very beautiful boutique, full of local crafts as well as a Tea Room offering the culinary creations of Pascale Malo, our most-talented local pastry chef. Great outing, right in the village.

Time required for a visit : 1 hour
Distance from Camping Griffon: 4 minutes (4 km)

La Griffonne Art Centre, Galerie Claude Côté

Our beautiful village of L’Anse-au-Griffon has inspired many and 2 of these talented artists have galleries showcasing their work.  The Centre d’art La Griffonne features the work of Pauline St-Arnaud while the Galerie Claude Côté has watercolors from the namesake as well as art from other local artists, such as the sculptures of Pierre Bougie.

Time required for a visit : 30 minutes
Distance du Camping Griffon: 5 minutes (4 km/6 km)

Cap-des-Rosiers Lighthouse

The tallest lighthouse in Canada is ready for your visit. Climb the 122 steps to the fog light that long safeguarded the maritime traffic.

Time required for a visit : 1 heure
Distance from Camping Griffon: 15 minutes (15 km)
Phare Cap-des-Rosiers
Cap-des-Rosiers lighthouse.

Forillon’s Interpretation Centre

A great way to start your park journey. Permanent exhibits and a lovely 600m-long boardwalk (Prélude à Forillon) with magnificient views on the cliffs of the North Area.

Time required for a visit : 1 hour
Distance from Camping Griffon: 15 minutes (17 km)

Grande-Grave Heritage Site

The Hyman store, the Blanchette homestead and the Dolbel house all illustrate facets of everyday life of inhabitants of the Forillon peninsula around 1920. The Hyman Store is the former general store now museum, the Blanchette homestead depicts family life and the Dolbel house hosts ethnographic exhibits. The walk between Grande-Grave and Anse-Blanchette is less than one km and particularly enjoyable.

Time required for a visit : 2 to 3 hours
Distance from Camping Griffon: 30 minutes (38 km)
Anse-Blanchette au coucher de soleil
Anse-Blanchette at sunset.


Tasked with protecting the Bay of Gaspé during the Second World War, Fort-Péninsule’s remaining cannon and underground chambers will give you a feel of war time in the peninsula. An interesting visit with beautiful vistas on the bay of Gaspé.

Time required for a visit : 30 minutes
Distance from Camping Griffon: 30 minutes (35 km)

Mic Mac Interpretation Centre

Discover the fascinating world of some of the peninsula’s first inhabitants. Their historical contribution to the area cannot be denied, they even named it! (Gespeg means ‘land’s end’ in Mic Mac).

Time required for a visit : 30 minutes
Distance from Camping Griffon: 30 minutes (35 km)

Fishing Harbour in Rivière-au-Renard

The village of Rivière-au-Renard boast the title of ‘Québec’s Fishing Capital’ and one cannot disagree when looking at the very impressive boat fleet in the harbour (or parked nearby). Go take a closer look at all the activity generated by this industry.

Time required for a visit : 30 minutes
Distance from Camping Griffon: 6 minutes (6 km)
Havre de Rivière-au-Renard
Rivière-au-Renard Harbour.

Moulin des Plourde

A window on another important aspect of our Gaspesian history: the forest and sawmill industry. This steam-operated sawmill was in operation for close to 80 years and is now a museum.

Time required for a visit : 1 hour
Distance from Camping Griffon: 7 minutes (7 km)

Pointe-à-la-Renommée Lighthouse

This lighthouse has been called the ‘traveling lighthouse’ as it was moved to the Old Port in Québec during the 70s to be returned to its original location 20 years later, following strong pressure from the local population. Pointe-à-la-Renommée was a fishing site and also the location of the first maritime radio station (Marconi station) in North America.

Time required for a visit : 1 hour
Distance from Camping Griffon: 30 minutes (32 km)

Gaspé Berceau du Canada

A site dedicated to the commemoration of the history of Gaspé.

Time required for a visit : 30 minutes
Distance from Camping Griffon: 35 minutes (38 km)

Musée de la Gaspésie

Recently made-over, the Gaspé museum offers exhibits geared towards the discovery of the rich cultural and historical heritage of the peninsula, including the passage of its emblematic visitor: Jacques Cartier.

Time required for a visit : 1 hour
Distance from Camping Griffon: 32 minutes (36 km)
Musée de la Gaspésie
Musée de la Gaspésie.

Did you fall in love with one of these attractions during your visit? Did we forget any? Please share with us in the comments section!


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