A Beer Lover’s Guide to Pit Caribou

Pit Caribou, the makers of a growing range of thirst-quenching and award-winning craft beers, fly their local colours proudly. If their logo of an old fisherman with a pipe and a sou’wester (rain gear) isn’t enough of a clue, the banner underneath settles any doubts: “Bière Gaspésienne”.

Pit Caribou's logo
Pit Caribou’s logo

In 2007 the owners set up their brewery in picturesque Anse-à-Beaufils, a little fishing village near the popular town of Percé. They now have 12 employees and their award-winning beer is sold in liquor stores, supermarkets and depanneurs all over Quebec  – including at Camping Griffon’s reception 🙂

Crafting award-winning beers
Crafting award-winning beers

A visit to the brewery is well worth the slight detour while exploring the Percé area, and if the weather is nice, you might want to consider spending a few extra hours relaxing on their outdoor terrace overlooking the water.

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In addition to their Anse-à-Beaufils headquarters, they have the Pub Pit Caribou in nearby Percé, which has a very casual-yet-welcoming and lively vibe.

Pub Pit Caribou in downtown Percé
Pub Pit Caribou in downtown Percé

We have visited it in the dead of winter when the town is extremely quiet, and the pub was still very busy, with locals and passing ski-mobilers. It has an outdoor patio and is often full in the summer, especially at the peak of tourist season.

The pub doesn’t serve cooked meals, although they have a few bar snacks on offer, and they don’t mind you bringing in your own snacks. They offer various tasty drinks including some good Quebec gins and of course their range of beers. If you have trouble choosing one, or want to sample them all, you can order a flight of beers; they are all very good and this is a nice way of sharing with your table (assuming you don’t want them all for yourself!).

I’m personally very partial to India Pale Ales, so I love a glass of “IPA Américaine des Appalaches”, which is nicely hoppy. It pays tribute to the Appalachian mountain range which runs from the tip of Forillon National Park all the way down into the United States of America.

Pit Caribou's "IPA Américaine des Appalaches" beer
Pit Caribou’s “IPA Américaine des Appalaches” beer


We don’t think a visit to the Gaspésie is complete without a taste of Pit Caribou beer. If you do want a taste of the Gaspé and you are near Montréal, there is also a Montreal location for the Pub.

For more information about their history and range of beers, please check out their website here.

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