An Outlook on the Upcoming 2017 Season

This season seems to be one where stars align to increase occupancy. The low Canadian dollar encourages our citizens to stay within the country, and invites our southern neighbors and many Europeans to take advantage of the favorable currency exchange rate. Canada’s 150th anniversary and the free admittance to all National Parks is also increasing demand, since we are located right beside Forillon National Park.

Seasonal Differences in the Gaspé

It is a question I often hear, mostly from those with flexible schedules. My answer is always the same, it depends on your interests as each month has pros and cons. I tried to compile a few for you.

Recreational Activities in Gaspé-Forillon

No doubt will you notice that the presence of the sea is fully felt in our suggestions. Our proximity to the gulf of St. Lawrence ensures a myriad of recreational activities.