Recreational Activities in Gaspé-Forillon

What we can propose near Camping Griffon

No doubt will you notice that the presence of the sea is fully felt in our suggestions. Our proximity to the gulf of St. Lawrence ensures a myriad of recreational activities.

First, let’s start with the fact that we are quite lucky to have such rich waters, visited by marine mammals such as the whales that can be seen with Croisières Baie de Gaspé. Whale-watching in the bay of Gaspé is performed in a respectful and intimate setting (very few other boats, if any). Many species of whales frequent the area during the season, including the gigantic Blue whale.

Rorqual commun près du Narval III
Fin whale alongside the Narval III.

<!–Plongée Forillon has for the past years offered an activity from which our clients come back completely smitten: swimming with seals. The curious young seals are the ones doing most of the approaching. The experience is unique and not as exclusive as you may think (all you need are basic swimming skills and physical fitness). Plongée Forillon can also offer tips on scuba-diving in the area.

On se prépare pour l'apnée chez Plongée Forillon
Getting ready to dive in with Plongée Forillon.

–>Another opportunity to see marine mammals in their natural area is to kayak the Bay of Gaspé and visit the seals colony with the services of  Cap Aventure and Aube Aventure.

Make sure you visit the local sandy beaches of Cap-aux-Os, Penouille and Haldimand. Penouille has quadcycles or stand-up paddleboard rental.

Plage de Cap-aux-Os
.Cap-aux-Os Beach.

Needing more adrenaline? Maybe canyoning is what the doctor ordered. The same company, Griffon Aventure also does saltwater fishing tours departing from the wharf nearby in l’Anse-au-Griffon.

L'Anse-au-Griffon vu de la mer
L’Anse-au-Griffon seen from the sea.

Fishing from wharves (mostly for mackerel) is free and does not require a permit. Close to Camping Griffon, the best opportunities seem to be in Rivière-au-Renard and Grande-Grave in Forillon park. Striped bass fishing is more and more popular but it tends to be better in the bay of Gaspé than our ocean shores.

Freshwater fishing requires a permit. That being said, good fishing spots are not necessarily near us as the park occupies the interior of the peninsula and this activity is prohibited within their boundary. Gaspé is very well-known for its salmon fishing, with its 3 salmon rivers flowing into the bay of Gaspé. Find more information on salmon fishing here.

Le centre équestre le Centaure organizes horsback riding activities. Some rides are even right on the shore.

Le centaure
Le centaure.

The Forillon Recreation Centre  has a heated pool, restaurant, tennis and volleyball courts.

Fans of cycling can enjoy some trails in Forillon like La Vallée et Le Portage (4 km away), the yet-unnamed trail at the entrance of the North Area (15 km) and Les Graves (29 km). These trails are unpaved, best for hybrid or moutain bikes. A nice paved trail going to Haldimand Beach starts in Gaspé at the info center, 37 km away.

Lastly, there are so many hiking trails to explore that we dedicated a whole page to that subject!

Have we forgotten any? Do you have more to suggest? Please share with us!


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