An Outlook on the Upcoming 2017 Season

WOW! The Gaspé peninsula seems to be THE travel destination for 2017.

Our first reservation was made on June 9, 2016. At the end of January there were already 50-some reservations. And we just booked the 700th!

For us that’s pretty much never seen. We have already reached 2013’s total number of reservations, and 50% of last year’s. In the past few years, we have seen an average yearly increase of at least 30%.

Each season there arrives a time where clients begin to realize that they may be a little too late to book our seaside sites. They then express their disappointment to not be able to book a site with direct view of the ocean. In the past this moment would usually come in early July, last year it moved to early June, and this year it happened in late April. Already by mid-May we were running out of availability for certain types of equipment, during some especially busy periods.

This season seems to be one where stars align to increase occupancy. The low Canadian dollar encourages our citizens to stay within the country, and invites our southern neighbors and many Europeans to take advantage of the favorable currency exchange rate. Canada’s 150th anniversary and the free admittance to all National Parks is also increasing demand, since we are located right beside Forillon National Park.

So, if you are still without a campsite reservation and you are planning to visit us during high season, make plans… quick… like NOW!

You may not be able to snag one of our seaside sites but we have other beautiful choices, and we also have communal areas and an access to our seashore that will let you enjoy the sea view and the salty air during your stay.

Fall view of the shelter’s patio

In conclusion I’ll let you in on a little secret… When we receive cancellations, instead of simply releasing the site, we go through existing reservations and try to upgrade our clients. Many of our campers have already enjoyed a move to the seaside sites this season. But we can only do this for customers who reserve with us. Who knows, you might get lucky!

To find out about our availability and book a site, please start with a search here:

Seashore at Camping Griffon

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